Newly seeking homeowners often wonder what the difference is between custom homebuilders and a general contractor. At CNC Homes, we make sure to define that difference before we ever set foot on the site of your potential new home.

What Goes into Building a Custom Home?

Before the blueprints even get off the ground, we make sure to treat you like you’re a part of the CNC family. We understand that you’ve contacted CNC Homes for a reason. It’s essential you know that custom homebuilding takes place in several phases. We’ll bring you in to meet the CNC team so that you understand what goes into custom home building. Once you sign the CNC Homes Letter of Intent, it’s off to the races.


Each detail is combed over with expert suggestions from our team while we get a feel for exactly what it is you’re looking to create. We’ll put together a preliminary floorplan along with elevations that put them through the local Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) for approval. The final plans are then laid out with engineering after compiling a budget. For CNC Homes, it’s vital that the project remains consistent with a bank pre-approval that meets your financial plan.

Lot Preparation with DRC Requirements

Next, we’ll make sure that we optimize your homesite for building and complete a few different land surveys. This process includes double checking that there’s adequate access to the site for building equipment and that certain aspects of the construction site are protected. After fulfilling the DRC requirements, we also establish the CNC building requirements for the site as we prepare for the build.  

No matter where CNC decides to build our custom homes, we guarantee that the final building zone is clean and respectful of our environment, neighbors, and community.  

Construction Bidding Process

Here, we start finalizing the blueprint with our team of vendors and subcontractors while discussing what kind of appliances, flooring, and solid surfaces we’ll be applying to the home. Once we submit the final budget proposal to your financial institution, we’re that much closer to completing your vision.  


Here comes the part we’ve all been waiting for — this is where custom homebuilders set themselves apart. Most importantly, it’s where CNC Homes define who we are.  

We’ll comb through the categories with you using Buildertrend so that no stone is left unturned. Implementing this application keeps our new homeowners fully engaged while erecting a dream home that is just as special a process for us as it is for you. Step-by-step, we go through the process of building a custom home that highlights who you are, where you’ve been, and where it is you’re going.

At CNC Homes, we define the difference between custom homebuilders and general contractors — it’s as simple as that.