Nestled between Shevlin Park and U.S. Forest Service Land, there’s a tight-knit community that sits, quite literally, at the gateway to nature’s playground. Whether you prefer sweeping views of the Cascades, or a sanctuary tucked away in the woods, Tree Farm has something for every style and preference. Plus, this relatively new development works to respect and enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding wilderness. Learn more about what makes the Tree Farm in Bend, Oregon, an ideal location for your custom home.  


Considering its history, the Tree Farm development is aptly named. Back in the early 1900s, the big pine mills selected this property as one of the first to log. In 1955, the Miller Lumber family purchased the property from a sheep farmer. To this day, it’s an active tree farm with the last harvest occurring in the 1990s. The residential development process started in 2014 with the formation of the Tree Farm LLC. Since then, the area has burgeoned into an active and vibrant Bend community.  

Tree Farm Development

When the Miller family set out to develop the Tree Farm, they had two intentions. First, to preserve the pristine surrounding area. And second, to provide the Bend community greater access to the U.S. Forest Service land and beloved Shevlin Park. As a result, the development consists of 50 two-acre home sites in a cluster development. That leaves over 400 acres of pristine, untouched wilderness. 

According to the Tree Farm architectural design guidelines, “The developers of The Tree Farm proactively embraced developing a first of its kind prototype community that adopted fire resilient and defensible practices from the ground up. Defensible landscape zones, fire-resistant building materials, and internal fire suppression systems all contribute to maximizing the fire resiliency of the neighborhood.”


Some of the obvious perks of building in the Tree Farm community are the area’s natural beauty and proximity to Shevlin Park and U.S. Forest Service property. Mountain bikers can experience some epic rides at Phil’s Trailhead, which is practically across the street. Plus, with its location between Shevlin Park and vast miles of open Forest Service land, outdoor enthusiasts living in the development will never have to worry about getting bored. Shevlin Park alone offers 1,000 acres for hikers, joggers, nature watchers, fishers, and picnickers to get lost in. 

Tree Farm residents get all of the perks of nearby wilderness access without missing out on the Bend city experience. Despite its seemingly isolated nature, the Tree Farm is conveniently located near schools, shops, restaurants, and everything else that Bend has to offer. Just down the road on Galveston and Newport, Tree Farm residents can find fine dining, shopping, and entertainment. Plus, downtown Bend and The Old Mill District are only 5 minutes away.

Finally, the lots are mostly two acres in size. This gives us plenty of room to do what we do best as Bend Oregon custom home builders. Prefer a sprawling, lodge-style home? Or a cozy modern build that lets you capitalize on your acreage? We’ve got the designers and capabilities to make it happen. 

Considering Building in the Tree Farm Community?

The Tree Farm is one of Bend’s up-and-coming communities. And at CNC Homes, we’re proud to contribute to the development of this beautiful area. But, if you’re looking to build in Tree Farm, there are some essential factors to consider. 

Design & Building Guidelines

First and foremost, all improvements at The Tree Farm are designed and constructed to complement the surrounding natural beauty of the land. These building guidelines may directly affect your plans—from your home’s appearance to what sorts of shrubs and trees you can plant in your landscaping. Luckily, we have plenty of experience when it comes to designing homes that complement their surroundings. 

For example, consider this Brasada Ranch home with spectacular views of the surrounding high desert. By combining environmental features in our design, we could bring the outside in. We created a living space that feels like an extension of its landscape. From stone features and the grotto bathtub to huge windows and wooden accents, this 2017 Tour of Homes classic feels like a traditional lodge. Still, it has the functionality of a modern home. 

Firewise Community

One of the neighborhood’s other distinctions is its status as a Firewise USA community. What does this mean for your custom home? As outlined in the design guidelines, “Wildfire mitigation disciplines will be used by Owners to manage combustible vegetation on their respective Homesite and fire-resistant building materials will be used in the construction of Structures to reduce the threat and intensity of damage to personal property and the adjacent forest caused by wildfire.” In other words, the Tree Farm homeowners association must approve all building and landscaping materials to ensure they comply with Firewise standards. 

Wildlife Habitat

Finally, if you’re building on a lot on the western side of the development, you’ll need to follow the guidelines of the association’s wildlife habitat management plan. Lots 37 and 39-50 of the Tree Farm property fall within a designated mule deer winter range. As such, you’ll need to take steps to ensure there’s no negative impact on their migration patterns and habits. If winter-long deer sightings sound like something you’d enjoy, the west side of the development may be just the spot for you! 

Discover the Beauty of the Tree Farm in Bend, Oregon

Surrounded by so much natural beauty, this community is the perfect place to build the rustic, lodge-style home of your dreams. Or the luxurious little cabin in the woods you’ve always dreamed of. Or you could build yourself the ranch-style home of your dreams, situated on the ridge with sweeping views of the Cascade Range. Wherever (and however) you decide to build in the Tree Farm development, you’re sure to get the best of Bend.