Building on your own land—outside the communities we typically build in—is a unique route for a variety of different reasons. By taking a few easy steps, CNC Homes can prepare you with what you need to know before building your custom home where you want. So, if you’re a bold pioneer with a penchant for the unknown, and you’re interested in building a new home on your own land, you’ll want to keep reading. Here’s what we’ll need to do.  


Let Developers Survey the Land


The first step is determining if CNC is even able to build on your land. For instance:


  • Is it safe to build on? Will the home be in danger, or will our builders be safe?
  • Does it have access to resources you’ll need like gas, water, or general plumbing? 
  • Are there any building restrictions to consider? 


We’ll do several different land surveys of your home site. Those surveys will:


  • Ensure there’s proper access for building equipment
  • Ensure the build is adequately protected from the elements for both our workers and your home
  • Make sure we’re not severely disrupting the surrounding environment, neighbors, and community around the build


There will be plenty of activity happening throughout the time of the build. How we handle all of that activity is essential to establishing the foundation of a house you’ll love while thriving in a community that welcomes you home. 


Can Your Custom Home Obtain Adequate Resources


Drilling through Central Oregon’s lava rock and dust is no easy feat. Can we properly excavate your lot so that we’re able to build you the home of your dreams while providing you with the necessary resources? We’ll have to consider all of it along the way through appropriate land surveying while following proper city building codes


What Land Do You Actually Own? 


Landowners typically think they own more land than they do. Establishing what exactly falls within your square footage of land is essential, so we’re not building where we’re not supposed to. A pin survey means a surveyor comes to the property, measures and marks the boundaries with official stakes, and provides a report to the city and CNC. 


Apply to Build


Once we submit all of our findings and home plans to organizations like the city permit office, it’s time to wait. If we’ve done our due diligence following a well-executed process, we’re ready to build upon their acceptance. 

Remember, building a house on your own land doesn’t mean you have to be the lone frontiersman paving your way into the great unknown of homebuilding. Contact CNC today, and we’ll join you for the journey of building your custom home where and how you want it.