As Central Oregon’s premier custom home builders, we’ve built our reputation on bringing clients’ dreams to life. And that’s true regardless of the size and scope of your project. Whether you’re planning from the ground up or refreshing your existing space, we have the expertise and skill to build the home you imagine. Plus, when you hire a custom home builder to complete your renovation and remodel projects, you get a creative partner and a skilled project manager. We’ll get the job done right the first time, every time.


Let’s look at the basics of renovation and remodeling projects, the benefits of each, and how CNC’s team can streamline the process.


What’s the Difference Between Renovation and Remodeling?


While the two terms often get used interchangeably, they refer to different types of projects. Essentially, a renovation returns something to its original state. It revives it or gives it new life, like restoring your home’s original hardwood floors. Renovations can be as simple as repainting cupboards or as complex as large-scale repairs to roofing, siding, and your home’s foundation.


Remodeling, on the other hand, refers to the process of creating something new. Any project that completely transforms a room’s layout, adds a new structure, or reconfigures your home’s floor plan would be considered a remodel. Remodels tend to require more sophisticated design considerations, especially if your changes require plumbing, electrical work, or construction services.


Benefits of Renovating or Remodeling Your Space


The decision to undertake a renovation or remodeling project is deeply personal. You might be creating room for a growing family, setting aside space for your favorite pastimes, or looking to make your home more efficient. Regardless of your motivations, there are plenty of benefits to renovating or remodeling your home. These include:


Modernizing your home


Wired and wireless home technology is a fast-growing industry. Sometimes, it can feel like new advances hit the market every day. A remodel is the perfect time to modernize your home. Whether that means investing in smart systems to control lighting and climate, updating your security system, or installing energy-efficient appliances.


Create more space


When you’re reimagining your home’s current layout or expanding its footprint with an add-on, remodels can effectively create more space. Whether that means expanding the Master suite or building a detached studio is for you to decide.


Make it more efficient


Home efficiency goes beyond automation and technology. It’s about how your space flows and how easily you’re able to live in it. Making your home more efficient might mean knocking down some walls or adding a second (or third) bathroom. It could mean adding a dedicated office space or remodeling to reduce energy use. Whatever “efficiency” looks like for you and your lifestyle, CNC can make it happen.


Four Types of Renovation and Remodel Projects


While no two renovation projects are the same when you partner with a custom home builder, there are a few categories that we can break them down into.




These are the projects that keep your home safe, secure, and comfortable. Basic renovations include things like functioning gutters, a reliable furnace, and a durable roof. Other basic projects could include small tweaks to the functionality of your home. For example, creating more closet space or installing built-in cupboards.


Curb appeal


Curb appeal renovation projects elevate your home’s aesthetics. Think of a fresh coat of paint or landscaping projects. But don’t let the name of the category fool you. “Curb appeal” isn’t just what you can see on the outside. It also refers to things like restored hardwood floors, new carpets, or updated fixtures.




If you’re considering selling your home down the line, you’ll want to focus on value-added renovation and remodeling projects. These tend to be larger-scale projects, like adding rooms or bathrooms, flipping the kitchen, or upgrading the windows and siding.


Personal preference


While the CNC team enjoys every renovation or remodel, we especially love working on personal preference projects. That’s because, with this sort of project, we’re not just checking boxes. We’re bringing your unique creative vision to life. Personal preference projects include add-on amenities. Amenities like an outdoor kitchen or custom wine cellar. They could also include large-scale remodels, like transforming the den and dining room into a luxurious Great Room.


Why Hire a Custom Home Builder for Your Renovation and Remodel Projects?


It might be tempting to go the DIY route. Or you could choose to work directly with the contractors who will complete your project. But we’d like to propose a third option: hiring a custom home builder for your renovation, remodel, or add-on.


A custom home builder fills a few different roles. First, we’re your design experts. We’ll work with you to assess your space, answer your questions, and orchestrate the project. Plus, when you partner with a custom home builder, you get a single point of contact. Why field calls and coordinate a team of plumbers, electricians, and general contractors? Instead, you can  leave the scheduling to CNC and call us for updates.


Finally, when you partner with a custom home builder, there’s no limit to what you can do. Many builders can offer a limited number of renovation options. But only quality custom home builders like CNC work with you to create a beautiful, functional, and custom solution.


Ready to Take the Next Step?


Renovations and remodels are the perfect way to make your house feel like a home. Whether you’re dreaming of a complete home remodel or want to revitalize your space, the team at CNC is here to help. We have over 50 years of experience doing everything from kitchen upgrades to in-law suites.  And when you partner with a custom home builder, there’s no limit on the creative ways to reimagine your space. Contact us today to get started on your renovation, remodel, or add-on.


Not ready to jump in yet? Why not see what our clients have to say about our past renovation and remodeling work:

Cole and Amy Billings

“After just finishing a complete remodel of our 1960’s ranch home, we cannot praise Conone and his team enough for how great our home turned out or for how wonderful they were to work with. Candice and Conone were completely honest and helpful throughout the project, making sure we were on time and on budget. Conone went above and beyond to be sure that we were happy with every step of the remodel and we would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a contractor.” 

Sean and Lori Kell

“Conone and Cami at CNC Homes did an amazing job with our extensive (4000+ sq-foot) remodel in Sunriver, OR. The team was professional, friendly, responsive and did great work. Our home turned out better than we could have expected. When we had questions or ideas, the team was available and worked with us to discuss, brainstorm, debate, and ultimately find the right design and construction solution. Conone kept us informed at every step of the project in terms of progress, options, timelines, and costs (we were busy and often out of state during the project and the team worked with us to make us feel like we were on site). They brought up new ideas and highlighted options that we hadn’t thought of.


We collaborated via email, phone, text, and in-person. We’re so glad that we worked with them. Cami did an amazing job as well, helping to keep the project on track and working with us on the interior design, paint colors, and furnishings. We would not hesitate to work with them again and highly recommend CNC Homes for any job, small or large.”