Just because you want to build your forever home doesn’t mean you have to call it that forever. Considering Bend is the third fastest-growing municipal in the United States, building a home in Central Oregon could be an investment in your future as well. 

It’s true. Bend and the greater Central Oregon area has become a retirement destination. And according to a recent report, Deschutes county saw a 43% increase in senior members in the last five years. That rising market means there’s an abundance of buyers searching for somewhere to call home in the Pacific Northwest.

Bend’s Housing Boom

According to the Bend Bulletin, home prices continue to soar, increasing a whopping 5.73% in 2019. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. So, where does CNC fit into the picture? We can build you a custom home that gets you in the mix of a booming Central Oregon housing market.

Why Invest in a Custom Home?

According to Investopedia, building your own home may be easier to recoup your investment. Since newer properties are more appealing and more efficient with energy usage, a CNC home may cost you less in renovations and utilities. And new buyers love hearing that because it saves them time and money in the long run. 


In the state of Oregon, an energy-efficient home scores above average on the national rating system by the U.S. Department of Energy. The score reflects how efficient a home is when using heating, cooling, and hot water systems. When building a custom home, we can recommend energy-efficient designs and appliances that save both energy and your money. 

Avoid Future Renovations

If an already-existing home doesn’t have the energy-efficient appliances or design you’re seeking, you’ll have to renovate. This process could cost you thousands of dollars and headaches down the road. In 2019, homeowners average almost $7,000 a year on home renovation and home emergencies. But when you build a custom home, we can implement more efficient, modern designs that best suit temperamental high desert climates and will last longer over time. 

Your Home is Your Investment

Building a home in Central Oregon with CNC will set you up for both your present and your future. From the growing economy, the rising housing market, and energy-efficient designs, now is the time to build. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact CNC Homes today, and we’ll help you build you a home that’s both an investment and your dream.