Living in Bend, Oregon provides an endless amount of highlights and for us, building custom homes in somewhere like Central Oregon is the most beautiful part. Like most businesses that continue to spring up throughout the region, we all have our own story. For CNC Homes, it’s no different.

When building custom homes, it’s not only important for us that we know your story, but it’s just as important that clients know ours as well. With over 50+ years of experience between an intimate team of custom home building professionals, this band of Bend locals and Pacific Northwest craftsmen make CNC Homes the golden standard.

How it All Began

It all started right here in Central Oregon.

Graduating from Bend High School in 1998, founder and president Conone Davis enlisted in the Air Force. After serving for over five years, Conone returned to Bend to begin his journey towards starting CNC Homes. His twelve years of experience in the high-end luxury construction field has allowed Conone to manage over 80 custom homes and remodels.

Conone’s intricate eye for detail and renowned experience within the industry provide us with a foundation in custom home building cemented in exceptional design, positive client interactions, and unwavering trust.

It only made sense when Conone teamed up with other Bend locals and custom home building experts. Controller, Candice Danison and Vice President of Operations, Jason Huddleston joined Conone for the ride and now make up the backbone of a crew of seven. Since culminating this team of friends, experts, and custom home builders, CNC Homes is now responsible for a myriad of extraordinary custom homes laden throughout Central Oregon.

Why “CNC”

Rooted in relationships that go beyond hiring yourself another group of custom home builders, we believe your dream home deserves integrating the most innovative technology available today. That’s exactly what CNC stands for.

The name CNC (computer numeric control) comes from the 3D technology machine we use to cut our building materials. Our forward thinking within the industry sets us apart when it comes to manifesting your dreams into the reality that is your custom home.

People’s People

At CNC Homes, we’ll never stop believing that client satisfaction always comes with exceptional interaction between the custom home builder and client. Our story is found in common friends coming together to build a home crafted by experts. What better way is there than to have CNC Homes come together and build your new home?

Get in touch with CNC Homes today and manifest your dream home into a reality. We’re excited to work with you.