Understanding the difference between architects and home designers can be tricky. But both their expertise can be integral to the success of for your home building process. So what are the most significant differences between architects and home designers? And what does that mean for your CNC Homes custom build? 


Home Designers Vs. Architects

Defining the myriad differences between an architect and home designer is a difficult task. But the biggest difference lies in their licensure. Education can play a huge factor, but that’s not always the case. An architect and home designer may have the exact same education, but not the same licenses. 

An architect requires a degree, experience, and a license from the Architectural Registration Board. They follow safety requirements that adhere to the local city building codes. 

A home designer may be as qualified as an architect, but they’re not licensed or insured by the state. They typically assist you in designing your home while working with your preferences.

So now that you know the difference,  how do you choose?


Making Your Choice

When choosing between an architect and home designer, it comes down to what you need. Both professionals offer different skill sets for different jobs. 

Architects are best suited for larger projects and buildings that add a high level of detail. Designers are great for smaller, less expensive plans that don’t require as many building codes. 

The most important part is researching the architect or home designers past projects. Experience is key, and matching their style to yours is essential. If you don’t know too many architects or designers, CNC can help.

We’ll help you find the right people for the right job. Contact us today, and we’ll get started on your dream home.