It’s time we make you a plan. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and for custom homes, it’s no different. The trick is figuring out where to start. At CNC, the process of curating custom home plans with our clients is what we do best.


Custom Home Plans Start with CNC

Here’s the skinny on our step-by-step process


Sign Your Letter of Intent

First thing’s first, it’s essential we remember that we’re all on the same team. Signing your letter of intent with CNC is the first step towards building your dream home.


Find the Right People for the Right Job

When you work with CNC Homes, we’ll help you choose the right people for the right job.

Here are a few questions all new home builders should be thinking about: 

  • What elements of a home are most important to you?
  • What’s your favorite style of house?
  • Where’s your ideal location around Bend?


What’s It Gonna Cost? 

We provide preliminary estimates of what your dream home might cost you. Factors like what and where you’re building impact the costs. We’ll work with you to create a personal cost estimate before we build.


Finance Your Dream

We work with a myriad of different local and national lenders. It’s important you take the proper steps for getting pre-approved for your custom home. Securing financing will ensure that every step of the building process, from breaking ground to move-in day, runs smoothly.


Submit Your Plan and Remember, Patience is a Virtue. 

The wait begins! Now we submit your custom home plan to the Design Review Committee (DRC). This process could take up to a few months. Do your best to stay patient. This is the hardest part!


Apply for Permits

We love when we’re involved in your permit process. As your builders, it’s essential we know everything there is to know about your custom home plans process. Plus, working with your municipal building department on permits can be complicated. With years of experience, we can help you navigate the permitting process.


Breaking Ground

For your state of mind, we connect our clients with Buildertrend. Watching the progression of your dream home allows you to make changes as we go. No matter where you are, you can feel confident staying in the know.


We’re Ready For You

Contact CNC Homes today and begin your custom home journey. We can’t wait to meet you.