Want the charm of a cozy log cabin or a countryside farmhouse, but the space and amenities of modern architecture? Then it’s time to talk to CNC about building your modern rustic home. In recent years, “modern rustic” has become something of a buzzword. It calls to mind exposed wooden beams and elegant stone fireplaces. But the use of natural aspects is only one element of modern rustic home design. 

So what does “modern rustic” really mean?

Modern rustic pairs the layout, proportions, and amenities of contemporary design with traditionally rustic materials and features. That could look like an open concept floor plan with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the natural, high desert light. Or it could be a distinctly modern exterior—complete with simple moldings and clean, horizontal lines—with a more rustic interior.

Whatever your preference, there are a few things that set the modern rustic home apart from other architectural styles. 

Reclaimed and Raw Materials 

One of the goals of rustic design is to bring nature inside. That means any rustic design will incorporate plenty of natural materials, such as wood and stone, and fabrics, such as canvas and burlap. These natural accents lend a homey, down-to-earth quality to modern design, which can sometimes feel too harsh or sparse.  

Simple Moldings and Clean Lines

Modern architecture is all about form following function. This architectural style favors simple, well-executed moldings instead of the elaborate styles of bygone days. In this respect, modern and rustic are well-paired. The subdued earth tones and natural fabrics of a rustic aesthetic complement the simple design elements without overwhelming them. 

Let the Light In

One thing both rustic and modern styles agree is crucial? Enormous windows. In many modern rustic homes, you’ll see floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light. Often they open up onto dramatic views. Whether that’s a picture window overlooking the mountains or a folding glass wall that opens into your backyard, your modern rustic home won’t skimp on the glass features. 

Rustic Comfort, Modern Amenities

You won’t see modern materials such as metal, plastic, or synthetic fibers in most rustic homes. But in a modern rustic, you get all of the comforts of rustic design, without the limitations. Now you can have your raw stone fireplace and your spacious, open concept kitchen (complete with the latest amenities, of course). 

Designing Your Modern Rustic Home 

There’s no need to choose between styles when you could have the best of both worlds. With a modern rustic home, you’ll get both charm and warmth, and elegant, open spaces. At CNC, we’re committed to making your design concepts a reality. For modern rustic design, that means enhancing the natural beauty of your building site. Contact us today to see how we can create the modern rustic home you’ve been dreaming of.