Just because it’s winter in Central Oregon, that doesn’t mean CNC stops building. In fact, it can be a great time to start your build. But building a home in the wintertime presents its own unique challenges—from inclement snowfall to freezing temps. Yet what could be better than having your custom home built and move-in ready on the first day of summer?

Relying on over 50 years of combined experience, our expert team can help you navigate the particular challenges of building your home during the off-season. 


The Winter Process of Building a Home

The ins-and-outs of winter building can look like a different process when compared to construction during other seasons. For one, we need to assess where you’re building and at what elevation. Whether you’re building out East at Brasada Ranch or just at the foot of the Cascades in Tetherow, each community we build in can offer different weather factors. The location also dictates average temps and snowfall during a given season. For example, if we’re building your home in Tetherow, the temperamental mountain weather becomes a notable factor. 


Limiting Factors of Building a Home in Winter

Snowfall and weather conditions are integral for winter builds. Not only does CNC focus on keeping your home safe, but we also focus on keeping our workers safe, too. That means if we run into a mid-build blizzard, there may be some delays on your build. But we do our best to protect your home’s materials and meet the deadline for every project.  

We’ll also need to account for the extra labor involved with things like snow removal and prepping a site for inclement weather. From covering equipment to protecting the interior of the house, these processes can take extra time. But that doesn’t mean construction in the summertime can be that much faster. In fact, it can be more expensive due to the high demand for products and labor.  

In the winter, our team can be more available and focus more attention on the integrity of your build. 


The Cold Inspires New Technologies 

For homebuilders, new strategies, products, and technologies make building during any time of year possible. In the winter, we focus on not letting the ground freeze so that the excavation on the job site can get done. That means insulating and heating the ground below the base of our build.

If we’re mixing concrete, special additives in the concrete mix allow us to lay concrete no matter how cold it is. Also, we’ll lay out extra insulation on the ground before pouring the foundation so that it’s ready for construction the moment we’re ready to pour. 


If There’s a Will, There’s a Way

The best part about building in the wintertime is that it’s a slower time of year for homebuilding. That means CNC can get building permits faster without waiting in line. It’s also easier to line up specific contractors. We’ve been building custom homes in varying conditions for a long time. And our well-dialed process delivers our clients award-winning results. 

Don’t let winter get you down. Get in touch with CNC today and let’s get to work.